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Campsite near the Locmariaquer peninsula

What to see on the Locmariaquer peninsula

Enjoy a mobile home holiday in Morbihan by booking your vacation at Le Conleau, located just 30 min from Locmariaquer . Discover the small town of Locmariaquer in southern Brittany, at the crossroads of Quiberon Bay and the Gulf of Morbihan.
The town boasts an impressive impressive historical heritage . In fact, it boasts a splendid collection of menhirs on the Site des Mégalithes, as well as the largest largest menhir ever discovered . Visit the various dolmens particularly well-preserved. This is a fascinating place for history history buffs and will bring a taste of adventure to your vacation . As a family, with friends or as a couple, stay at a camping in Vannes and take advantage of Morbihan’s natural riches by visiting Locmariaquer 32 km from the campsite .

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Things to do in Locmariaquer

Getaway in Locmariaquer

Several cruises depart from Locmariaquer to make the most of the Morbihan landscapes of the Gulf of Morbihan and the Atlantic Ocean. You’ll be able to get away from it all, and spend an unforgettable time in southern Brittany. For bathing enthusiasts, sandy beaches sandy beaches will delight your desires.

Discover the different yacht clubs close to Le Conleau campsite learn to surf and paddle and many other activities. Don’t miss the pointe de Kerpenhir during your camping holiday near Locmariaquer. This location offers panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean to appreciate its majestic beauty.

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Locmariaquer’s heritage

Locmariaquer also boasts an important religious heritage . From numerous chapels on the peninsula, as well as the church of Notre-Dame de Locmariaquer a Romanesque church classified as a French historic monument . It was built between the 11th and 12th centuries and is renowned throughout Morbihan for the beauty of its stained glass windows. beauty of its stained glass windows .

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And for those with a sweet tooth…

The exceptional quality of the waters off Trois-Rivières produces gourmet oysters. . Locmariaquer boasts nearly twenty oyster farms. . An unmissable stopover for any gourmet who wants to try local local produce while staying at Le Conleau campsite. Choose a mobile home or a pitch of your choice to take advantage of Locmariaquer’s oyster tours of Locmariaquer offered by the tourist office .

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Campsite 32 km from Locmariaquer peninsula

Treat yourself to a camping holiday near Locmariaquer, where you, your family, your partner or your friends can enjoy moments of discovery and change of scenery. Book your pitch or rental rental in Vannes Vannes, only 32 km from Locmariaquer. Take the time to discover this known for its megalithic site and for its panoramic coastline. .
During your stay at a campsite in Vannes, discover the many numerous dolmens in Locmariaquer. Let yourself be carried away by the mystery that reigns over these legendary places . Stay at Le Conleau in Vannes and discover Locmariaquer and the surrounding area during your Morbihan vacation.