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Camping near Berder island

What to see on Île de Berder

Treat yourself family vacations in Morbihan and discover Larmor-Baden, a 420-hectare village on the shores of the Gulf of Morbihan in southern Brittany.

Choose a campsite campsite near Larmor Baden by staying at Flower Camping le Conleau located just 20 minutes from the town in southern Brittany. This commune has a special charm, due in part to the fact that access roads are few and far between and is surrounded surrounded by marshland .

Discover the island of Berder, near Larmor-Baden, which offers a unique spectacle. Accessible only on foot at low tide and becomes an islet as the water rises. The island boasts exceptional flora offering a Mediterranean Mediterranean vegetation a rarity in the heart of Brittany. Here you can admire a fine collection collection of palm trees and conifers typical of the Mediterranean.
There are many remarkable places to visit, whatever your tastes. Whether you’re an adventurer or a dreamer, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in this jewel of Breton country .

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Things to do on Berder Island

Escape to Berder Island

The island offers excellent hiking opportunities to discover its relief and admire the surrounding surrounding landscapes thanks to its coastal path . In addition, at high tide, the area is an ideal ideal spot for kayaking . More private than l’île aux Moines or l’île d’Arz, Berder is sure to win you over with its stunning view of the Gulf of Morbihan . Stop off at one of the benches along the coastal course of 2.5 km coastal path and take the opportunity to immortalize your camping vacation in Brittany. As a family, alone or as a couple, this is the perfect place to enjoy your camping holiday in Morbihan.

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Cultural heritage in Gavrinis

Near Ile de Berder, lost in the heart of Morbihan,Gavrinis Island is home to one of France’s most famous heritage sites. one of France’s most famous heritage sites. . The Gavrinis Cairn is an architectural monument featuring a dolmen a funerary chamber, and a of fine engravings on the walls, a subject of controversy among enthusiasts of the craft.
Make the most of your camping holiday at Conleau to visit the impressive Cairn. There’s so much more to discover about dry stone than you might think. 10 minutes by boat from Larmor-Baden to enjoy a guided tour to learn about prehistory . A real treasure in southern Brittany.

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Locmiquel Point

In the commune of Larmor Baden lies a wild wild, flower-filled peninsula 400 meters long and 200 meters wide, rising to a height of almost 12 meters. During your stay at a campsite near Larmor-Baden, visit this exceptional spot in southern Brittany and take a stroll along its coastline. along its coastline and admire the panoramic view of the entire Gulf of Morbihan. . A breathtaking landscape awaits you.

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Campsite 27 min from Île de Berder

Book now to visit this island and its surroundings while camping in the Golfe du Morbihan. Larmor-Baden, one of the gateways to the Gulf of Morbihan, will be one of your points of cruise departure point to discover the Gulf from the sea.

Explore this small sea and discover the mysteries of this unique place during your camping holiday in Vannes . Discover the islands and peninsulas typical Morbihan peninsulas like Berder, near Conleau . Take advantage of your visit to Larmor-Baden to take in nearby Baden, Bono and Auray.